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Welcome to Heany park scout group

Be Prepared for Adventure

Announcement: Trial for 3 weeks to verify Scouts is right for you!

Group News

Summer Safety thanks to Woolies Stud Park

A big thank you to Chris and the team from Woolworths Stud Park for kindly donating sunscreen to Heany Park Scout Group! Ensuring the kids are safe while participating in the awesome outdoor activities that we do every week at Scouts.

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Grey Wolf Awarded

Congratulations to Bri on achieving her Grey Wolf award, the most coveted award in the Cub section.  Well done!

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What is Scouts?

Scouting is a worldwide movement that has shaped the development of youth and adults for 100 years and is the biggest and most successful youth organisation in Australia.

The aim of Scouting is to encourage the physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual development of young people so they may play a constructive role in society as responsible citizens, and as leaders or members of their local and international communities.

Heany Park Scouts have a strong and active program that inspires young people to do their best, to always be prepared and to have fun.

Heany Park Scout Group

When do we meet?

Joey Scouts (5 to 8 Years) meets Thursdays from 5.45pm to 6.45pm during school terms

Do you know how to cook chocolate spiders or make frog puppets? Can you build monsters and spaceships from scrap items? Have you ever grown a plant or hiked in the bush? These are all things you can learn when you are a Heany Park Joey Scout!

Joey Scouts are boys and girls aged six and seven who like having fun and making friends!
When you join Heany Park Joeys you’ll be part of a Mob. You’ll play games, read stories, sing songs and do craft activities. You might fly a kite, go bushwalking, go to the beach, or visit a fire station, zoo or farm. You’ll also learn heaps of useful stuff, like what to do in an emergency. Joeys can earn 4 badges and the coveted Promise Challenge Badge.

Cub Scouts (8 to 10 Years) meets Thursdays from 7pm to 8:30pm during school terms

Cub Scouts have a heap of fun doing activities, craft, games and community service.
Cubs can try exciting outdoor adventures like abseiling, camping, bushwalking, sailing, gliding and flying, canoeing, and billy-karting! You can also learn traditional Scouting skills like tying knots and using a map and compass!

You will also learn heaps of useful things that will help you throughout your entire life. In addition there are occasional sleepovers, camps and assisting at community events and fundraising activities.

Cub Scouts also have the opportunity to earn proficiency badges and awards including the Bronze, Silver and Gold Boomerang, and the coveted Grey Wolf. As they reach the end of their time, Cub Scouts begin a transition phase into becoming a Scout by 11 years of age.


Scouts (11 to 14 Years) meets Mondays from 7:00pm to 9:00pm during school terms

Heany Park Scouts get to do all the fun stuff you can’t do at home! Whether it’s hiking, canoeing, rock climbing, or sitting around a fire toasting marshmallows with a bunch of friends… you choose! Our Scouts are very active in assisting with planning their own diverse and exciting programs.

Your Scout Leaders are there to support your decisions and help you develop spiritually, physically, socially, intellectually and emotionally. They’ll teach you heaps of practical skills like how to build rope bridges and flying foxes, how to do basic first aid, and how to light a fire to cook on. You can learn about lightweight camping, bush navigation, recognising and dealing with environmental dangers (like bushfires), water safety and heaps more… and yes, you’ll learn how to tie some pretty useful knots!

Heany Park Scouts also gain a lot of valuable life skills such as confidence, team work, resilience, leadership and responsibility. Scouts can achieve proficiency badges as well as their Pioneer, Explorer and Adventurer cords and the coveted Australian Scout Medallion.

Are You Prepared… for some new Adventure!

Venturers (15 to 17 Years) meets Fridays from 7.30 pm to 10.00pm

Venturers are dedicated to fun and adventure, while serving the community in the Scouting way. If it sounds adventurous and exciting there is a good chance that Venturers do it. Venturers is a do-it-yourself mix of adventure, fun, personal development and friendship!

You may find yourself exploring the bush, camping above the snow-line, diving, earning your pilot’s licence, abseiling into a limestone cave or climbing a sheer rock face. Perhaps white water kayaking or mountain biking is more your style! Whatever you want to do, Venturers can make it happen!

You’ll also be involved in a program to develop confidence, independence and teamwork skills. You can get involved in staging professional shows, learning responsibility for the environment and working on service projects to help others in the community. Heany Park Venturers also have the opportunity to travel around Australia and overseas for events.

As Venturers, you will govern your own, democratic Venturer Unit, where the adult Leaders provide advice and guidance instead of telling you what to do!
There are also leadership and management courses available that will help you in your career and personal life, and you will be working towards achieving the ultimate goal – the Queen’s Scout Award. Employers worldwide highly regard this award!

Rovers (18-25 Years) are dedicated to fun and adventure while serving the community in the Scouting way. The friends you make within this group will be lifelong! Challenging outdoor activities such as bushwalking, canoeing, sailing, caving, ski-touring, canyoning, four-wheel driving, rock-climbing, and scuba diving can all form part of a Rover Scout’s calendar.

Social activities such as balls, bush dances, harbour cruises, nights out, and car rallies. You program the activities you are interested in.
Heany Park Rovers currently meet with Kurll’s Own Rover Crew or Aruma Rover Crew.

Serving Our Community Since 1965

Originally started as 3rd Knox Scout Group is a members Garage, we grew through the years until we found our permanent home in 2001 at Heany Park on 25 acres of natural bushland.

The group was then renamed to Heany Park Scout Group and it has continued to grow to where it is today.

Heany Park Scout Group
Heany Park Scout Group
Heany Park Scout Group
Heany Park Scout Group