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Scout Code of Conduct

One of the most important aspects of our Scout Group is that we continually provide a safe and friendly environment for our children and young adults to participate in and develop.

 We believe it is important our Scouts understand and participate in good spirit, and always consider the well being of their fellow Scouts.

 Our core policies;

  • Live by the Scout Law & Promise.
  • Listen to and obey leader instructions.
  • Show respect to fellow Scouts from all sections.

Our main Code of Conduct guidelines are explained below. These guidelines give our leaders a good base for the pack to participate under and are used to reinforce our policies above.

Code of Conduct.

We listen to our leaders and keep quiet when others are talking.

We do what we are asked the first time.

We are friendly and polite at all times.

We always use our best manners.

We are always careful, considering our own and others safety.

 Unacceptable behaviour includes;

Bullying, including;

  • Hitting a leader or another Cub.
  • Name calling.
  • Making fun of another Cub which may upset them.
  • Swearing or making rude remarks.
  • Threatening another Cub.
  • Excluding or isolating other Cubs from activities.

Damaging the Scout hall or Scout Groups equipment.

Damaging or stealing another Cub’s property.

Conduct that may put others or themselves at risk of injury.

Leaving the care of the leaders without parent or leader approval.


All Cubs are expected to behave well and appropriately. Inappropriate behaviour will not be accepted. Generally speaking, minor incidents will be dealt with at the leader’s discretion (e.g. a firm discussion, sitting out the game, extra work). More serious examples, in particular bullying and fighting, will result in the Cub’s parents being contacted and, depending upon the circumstances, suspension for a number of weeks. Older Cubs, and in particular Sixers and Seconds, will be expected to set a good example to younger members of the Pack.